Unraveling is not about finding who you are, it’s about allowing self to surface. This is where we love the core of who we are, the gift that is us from Him. Now available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books. 

Completely unraveled before Him...

UNRAVELED walks with you into uncharted territory. What does relationship with God look like for you?

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the undoing


 Step Into Your Identity...

I promise to only speak on behalf of what the Lord places in my heart. My ultimate goal is to always and forever point you towards Him, He has every answer you're looking for. Instead of thinking about how far you have to go, I promise to focus on how far you've come regardless of your past pain, trauma, and experience.

I'm committed to walking with you into discovery of your identity in God. Your identity is the core of who you are buried beneath systemic beliefs, offense, inner vows, childhood trauma, societal pressures, and internal voices that hinder you from living in FREEDOM. Release of these attachments allows you to surface, UNRAVELED.


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Deanna helped me through a difficult season of life. She motivated me to keep going and invest in myself. Her guidance has made me more resilient both mentally and emotionally. Her mentorship has genuinely been a gift in and of itself. 

"SHE Helped me to embrace and love myself at every moment"



I struggled a lot with my confidence after giving birth to my daughter. Deanna helped me to not only feel good again in my skin, but boosted my spirit and mindset. Through her coaching, she helped me to completely transform my mindset and spirit.

"She Helped me transform my mind and Spirit."



I learned SO much about time management and productivity with Deanna's hands-on guidance. It's so incredible the shifts I made during my time spent with her. Working with Deanna one-on-one has truly been life-changing for me. Thanks so much for all of your help! 

"This experience has been beyond life-changing"



I'm genuinely so grateful to be guided by Deanna. She has taken me out of my comfort zone and shown me my power. Her belief in me has catapulted my belief in myself to a whole other level. She's helped me to build sustainable habits and reflective practices that have really elevated my life. 


"Deanna is the absolute best"



Prior to coaching, I knew I wanted to build a system of habits that could propel me forward. Working with Deanna, I started prioritizing my mental and overall wellbeing. With her help, I have not only created sustainable habits, but I  acquired a new mindset. 


"She helped shift my mindset"



I learned so much from Deanna over a short period of time. I am beyond grateful for all of her help. Because of her, I finally got past my plateau. Thanks for everything, Deanna!


"Deanna Taught Me so much"



Created with acceptance in mind, come along on a journey with me as I dive deep into the conscious, the subconscious, and the spiritual. Let's become UNRAVELED together...

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The Undoing